2013 - Our 10th Anniversary Year!

Fast Tracks turned 10 in 2013!

The CNJ Bronx Terminal painting project.

Believe it or not, the unique terminal pictured above was the inspiration for most of the tools that Fast Tracks offers.

Wanting to build a scale model of the Central New Jersey Bronx Terminal, and not having the skills necessary to construct the very complex trackwork used there, Tim Warris, one of the founders of Fast Tracks, developed a system of tools that worked so well they eventually became the line of products offered by Fast Tracks.

This little terminal built at the turn of last century and located in The Bronx, New York was a very unusual operation.  Only having one city block to work with the engineers of the CNJ Railroad constructed a complete rail yard, freight house, team tracks and car float operation in a very small space.  Not connected to any outside railroad, all freight traffic was moved into and out of this terminal by car floats up the Harlem River.

To fit all this into such a small space, some very unique and complex trackwork was used.  Several curved #2.5 three way turnouts, a "quad diamond" and a bizarre triple lapped turnout was built all wrapped around a round freight house.

The Bronx Terminal Painting Project

To celebrate Fast Tracks 10th anniversary, we have commissioned an original painting of The CNJ Bronx Terminal by renowned artist Larry Fisher of Heritage Art Editions. 

A run of 500 prints, 50 Artists Proofs and 50 Publishers Proofs will be produced from this original work of art, all signed and numbered by Larry Fisher.

CNJ Bronx Terminal Painting Project

Special Introductory Offer

Now you can own a signed and numbered print of this historical site.

The first 250 of 500 prints are available exclusively for Fast Tracks customers.

Pre-order now to get the print number of your choice for an introductory price of $99.00 -- a savings of $51.00 off of the regular price of $150.00

Also available are a small number of Artist Proofs and Publisher Proofs.

(Update - Artist Proofs are SOLD OUT)

Should you be interested in a print number above 250, or one of the proofs above number 6, simply send us an email and we will do our best to get it for you.

If the print number you are looking for isn't shown on the website, that means it has already been purchased buy another customer and is no longer available.

We are in the early stages of this project, have inked the deal with Heritage Art Editions for the work, and have received several "artist concepts" from Larry. The final version has not yet been decided, it will be one of the two concepts shown below.  We'd love to hear from you with regard to which of the two versions you would like to see produced. Simply respond to this email with any feedback you have about the project.  If you have any historical information to contribute, we'd love to hear from you.

More detail about this project can be found at Tim Warris's CNJ Bronx Terminal blog or at Fast Tracks.

Larry Fisher

World-renowned artist Larry Fisher, of Heritage Art Editions, has been contracted to create this memorable painting for Fast Tracks. Those familiar with Larry's work will know he loves detail and accuracy. You can rest assured that if Larry is the artist, the results will be no less than stunning.

The Grand Union by Larry Fisher

The Grand Union by Larry Fisher

Typical of Larry's work are highly-detailed and accurate scenes like this painting of a  Grand Union in Toronto, Ontario. (Tim's favorite!)

Concept "A"

One of the two concepts we are considering is this riverside view of the terminal, which highlights the marine operations at the terminal.

Update - This is the concept selected

Concept "B"

The other view option is one that highlights more of the terminal itself, with its unique trackwork and round freight house.

Click on any of the images above for a larger version.

Keep in mind the concept sketches above are simple, quick drawings, the final version of the painting will have near perfect perspective and proportion.

March 2013 Update

Completed Painting!

Well it took longer than we had expected, but I think you'll agree it was well worth the wait!

CNJ Bronx Terminal Painting

click on image for larger view...

Watch this video to see the painting come together in a series of progress images Larry Fisher supplied us while working on the painting between November 2012 and March 2013...

For the best experience, watch in HD (720p) and in full screen...

We are accepting pre-orders now...

Pre-order to take advantage of our introductory offer

We expect the painting to be completed and prints to be available later this fall. Until then, an introductory offer for prints, artist proofs and publishers proofs will be available to Fast Tracks customers. Order now to ensure you receive the print number of your desire.

This is a no obligation offer. If you do not like the outcome of the final painting, you are free to cancel your order for a full refund before it ships.

As work progresses, pictures will be posted on the CNJ Bronx Terminal blog. We will also send out email updates with details of the project as it moves along.

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