After Hours Videos

Our After Hours Modeling series of videos feature Tim Warris, the inventor of the Fast Tracks track building system and co-founder of Fast Tracks.

After Hours videos are more informal than our other instructional videos. They are not heavily edited or narrated, and just show Tim modeling at his workbench with his favorite radio program playing in the background. (Usually CBC) Don't be surprised to see an occasional glass of wine on the table either.

The idea is to provide you with an 'over the shoulder' view of how Tim builds trackwork, with the hope that you may pick up some worthwhile tips and tricks.

You are welcome to post and share any of our videos on your own website or blog.

Building Short, Hinged Switch Points Building Short, Hinged Switch Points

Some special trackwork, such as the complex lapped turnout shown in this video, requires switch points that are hinged. This video shows a technique I have developed to produce very free moving switch points using spikes soldered to the points inserted into the throwbar.
Building An Nn3 Turnout Building An Nn3 Turnout - Part 1

Tim builds an Nn3 #6 code 55 turnout. Part 1 covers prepping and inserting PC board ties, forming the guard rails, filing the frog points using the PointForm tool, and pre-building the frog points.
Building An Nn3 Turnout Building An Nn3 Turnout - Part 2

Forming the stock rails using the StockAid tool, soldering both stock rails in place, forming the switch point using a PointForm tool, and soldering the curved switch point/closure rail in place.
Building An Nn3 Turnout Building An Nn3 Turnout - Part 3

Preparing and installing the straight switch point/closure rail, soldering the guard rails in place, soldering the frog point in place, tweaking the frog point, and filing and sanding top of frog point.
Building An Nn3 Turnout Building An Nn3 Turnout - Part 4

Final soldering of switch points to the throwbar, filing and fitting the switch points, cleaning the turnout with a wire brush to remove the flux residue, gluing the completed turnout to laser cut QuickSticks, breaking away the QuickSticks, and dressing the ends of the wood ties to remove the QuickSticks tab.
Building An Nn3 Turnout Building An Nn3 Turnout - Part 5

Clamping the completed turnout in vise, cutting the electrical isolation gaps in the rail with a jewelers saw, deburring the rail gaps with a sharp edge file, drilling the throwbar for the switch machine wire, and testing the completed turnout with an Nn3 boxcar.

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