TieBreakder Tie Cutting Tool

TieBreaker Tool TieBreaker Tool TieBreaker Tool
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Reduce the time it takes to build a turnout by up to 30% with the Fast Tracks TieBreaker Tool!

By holding each PC Board tie at just the right position, the TieBreaker tool makes it fast and easy to cut each PC Board tie to the exact length that you need to build a turnout. Just cut the tie to length with a pair of side cutters, file the ends of the ties with a file, and you are done in just a few minutes!

The TieBreaker is designed to work with the Fast Tracks assembly fixture and track building kits and are currently available for turnouts. TieBreaker tools are planned for released for other track types (Wyes, 3-Ways, etc.) in the near future.

The TieBreaker tool is available for all popular scales including:
TieBreaker Video
To learn how the TieBreaker tool works, watch our TieBreaker instructional video.
  • HO
  • N
  • Z
  • S
  • O
  • HOn2
  • HOn3
  • HOn30
  • Sn2
  • Sn3
  • On2
  • On3
  • On30
  • Nn3
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