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Double Wye With Curved 24 Inch Crossing

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Double Wye With Curved 24 Inch Crossing

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Project #2 – Double Wye With Curved Crossing. This includes all fixtures, including the mirrored versions to match.

  • See attached pic in HO scale…this would hook up with the #3 turnout and curved crossing you did for me last summer.
  • Keep the 24” radius from the #3 wye (which you did for me back in 2011) through the curved crossing
  • On the outer rails not going through the crossing, also keep the 24” radius…I will most likely use a smaller radius to make what is in the picture but a there are track arrangements where the 24” radius is needed.
  • Extend the guardrails throughout the entire design so street track can be made….similar to what you did last summer
  • O scale
  • Code 125
  • Add centerlines and mounting holes like previous fixtures
  • Make every other tie before and after the crossing a PC tie
  • Three fixtures will most likely be needed…that’s OK!