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One more Year - 2019

Posted by Tim Warris on 8/27/2019

Keeping it going in 2019!

For every order received, Fast Tracks will donate $10 to the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Lets do this again!

"Rising waters raise all ships"


Four years ago we started an annual tradition at Fast Tracks of helping out Lionel Strang as he raises money to help support people dealing with cancer. Every September we have been donating a percentage of sales to the cause, and we are looking forward to doing it again this year! This fundraising effort has grown over the years, with Rapido Trains joining in last year with a $2000 donation, and again this year with their limited run HO Scale DTTX "On Track for a Cure" 53' Husky-Stack Well Car (which sold out quickly!) This year, in addition to Rapido Trains, Iowa Scaled Engineering generously donated TWO of their impressive new throttles to be auctioned off on eBay, to the tune of $2300! Thanks guys!

This year we thought we'd try something a bit different. We will donate $10 for every order we receive in September. Every few days we will update the tally here and on the Fast Tracks Facebook Page so you can keep track. To get an idea of our sales totals in September, here is a list from the last 5 years...

    • 2014  - 213
    • 2015 - 218
    • 2016 - 239
    • 2017  - 248
    • 2018 - 282
Here's hoping we can top 300 orders for a $3000+ donation to the cause with your help!

Lionel, we admire your courage, and thank you for your friendship. Here's to One More Year!

Tim Warris
Fast Tracks

The Lionel Strang Story

In September of 2014, Lionel was diagnosed with stage four melanoma, and told to prepare for the worst. His doctors estimated he would have about one more year left to live. With the one year anniversary of his diagnosis approaching, Lionel, his friends, and family decided to host a fundraising barbecue in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, located in Toronto, is the largest cancer centre in Canada, and one of the five largest cancer centres in the world.

Lionel soon came to realize that aside from the physical effects of cancer, the disease also had some serious mental effects for him, his family and friends. Princess Margaret is home to the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic, which provides mental support to cancer patients and their families. Lionel's annual "One More Year" barbecue raises funds in support for this clinic, so they can continue improving the mental health of those affected by cancer.

This year, Lionel will be walking from the front doors of Princess Margaret in Toronto to his home in Midhurst, ON. The journey is 100km long. When asked why he is taking this journey, Lionel said "It’s pretty simple really, because I’m one of the fortunate ones. I walk for Keith who left us at the age of 56, Bruce who deals with stage one prostate cancer, I walk for Kevin who passed away at the age of 49, Doreen a fellow patient who’s cheerful personality carried me through difficult days before she left us. I walk for the millions of people trying to cope with the daily mental stress of having cancer."

Want to donate directly to Lionel's GoFundMe campaign? Click Here.

Get more information on the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital.


Date: 9/3/2020
Bob Rands
Hi Tim, Thank you for the donation to help those with cancer. That is really special. I set up my account, as you instructed, and added the Ultimation, the attachment, and 5 sanding disks to the cart. However, the NNGC40 discount does not work for me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Bob Rands

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