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BullFrog Control Rod Kit - 18"

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BullFrog Control Rod Kit - 18"

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The control rod kit includes all of the parts that you need to connect one BullFrog turnout control to your control panel.

Each kit includes:

Connecting the control rod is a simple matter of installing the Z Bend connector into the BullFrog, inserting the outer control rod (red) into the BullFrog control rod mount (it is a press fit), and then screwing the inner control rod (yellow) into the Z Bend connector.

Control Rod Kit in place.

Control Rod mounted in layout fascia.

The control rod is mounted to the back of your control panel by inserting into a pair of laser cut bushings that are glued to the front and back of the fascia. The knob is then screwed into the end of the yellow control rod. The knob comes unassembled, but can be put together in a few minutes with a bit of white glue.

5 Stars
A great way to control the Bullfrog manual machine.
Reviewed by (Verified Buyer)  - 7/28/2017
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