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Day 731

Posted by Lionel Strang on 9/1/2016

Day 731: Captain’s log, I along with the rest of the crew had expected this mission to end much earlier but the journey of discovery continues.

I was going to produce a video for today or some other fun thing but frankly I just feel... Well actually I’m not sure what I feel other than alive. Counting the days actually started after a few days of crying, that morning I sat on the bed looking out the window at a beautiful late summer day thinking this is it, this is how I end. I wondered about how many days I might last, thinking it would probably be something like 200 or 240 days. Counting down seemed like a good idea but quickly realized I had no idea know where to start so counting up seemed like my only option. I faguely remember thinking that with enough courage and determination to do it in public on Facebook it might be kind of interesting. So that’s it, I just started counting one day and then the next and the next until I counted enough days to give me a life again. I also realized that other than doctors telling me I was terminally ill, I actually felt okay and riding the ‘ole Harley would probably be a good thing. So I got dressed backed the bike out of the garage and headed for my favorite stretch of road. As I twisted the throttle and the speedometer began to climb, one thought came into my head… Guess I’ll just keep going until I can’t go anymore.

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