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24" Long Product Surcharge

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24" Long Product Surcharge

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Due to the additional cost of shipping 24" items, orders between $100.00 and $250.00 will have this $5.00 surcharge automatically added to it to cover these costs. Once an order is over $250.00 the fee is waived.

Our shipping calculator is unable to send box sizes to the shipping companies for accurate estimates, so the fees displayed are not correct and are usually much higher. To compensate for that, we have to add on this surcharge. If possible, select 12" or 16" items to avoid the surcharge.

5 Stars
Mt. Albert lumber is a very high grade, well-dried wood. It's very stable, straight and consistent in quality. I will be buying a lot more of it for all of my scratch-building products.
Reviewed by  - 8/3/2018
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