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Earning & Redeeming WayPoints
Are WayPoints awarded for shipping costs?
  No. WayPoints are only awarded for products that you purchase.
Can I only use part of my WayPoints for an order?
  Yes. However you need to be sure that you only redeem the number of WayPoints that you want to use for your next order.

If you redeem all of your points they will automatically be applied to your next order. There is no way of limiting that.
Can WayPoints be used to pay for any product?
  Yes. There are no restrictions as to what you can use your WayPoints for. Once they are redeemed and converted to a Gift Certificate, they are like cash.
Do earned WayPoints expire?
  Yes. WayPoints can only be redeemed up to two years after they have been earned.

To avoid losing earned WayPoints, you need to be sure that you redeem them before they expire. Once WayPoints have been redeemed, they will no longer expire, however all redeemed points will be automatically used for your next order.
How do I use the WayPoints that I have earned?
  Your WayPoints will automatically accumulate in your account until you redeem them. Redeemed points are automatically converted to a Gift Certificate, which will then be automatically applied to your next order.
How much do I need to spend to earn 1 WayPoint?
  1 WayPoint is awarded for each $1.00 (USD) worth of merchandise that you purchase from our website.
What is a single WayPoint worth?
  Each WayPoint can be redeemed for $0.05 (USD) of merchandise from the Fast Tracks website.
What products will I earn WayPoints on?
  All of the products that are purchased from our website are eligible for earning WayPoints. There are no restrictions.
When are WayPoints awarded?
  WayPoints are awarded when you order status has changed to Shipped.

You can determine your order status by visiting the order status page.
Where can I see my current WayPoints balance?
  You can see your WayPoint balance here.
Why did I not earn WayPoints for my last order?
  There are two possible reasons why you are not seeing WayPoints for your last order.

1. Your order has not been shipped yet. WayPoints are only awarded after the status of your order changes to shipped.

2. Your order was fully or partially paid for using previously earned WayPoints. No order is eligible to earn WayPoints if it has been paid for using WayPoints.

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