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The Lumber Store Rotating Storage Rack Including HO Scale 6x6 through 12x24

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The Lumber Store Rotating Storage Rack Including HO Scale 6x6 through 12x24

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Don't you hate when you are working on a project and reach for a few strips of wood only to find you are out of that size? Well with a Lumber Store on your bench you will have some of every size available! Don't know which sizes of strip wood to buy? Purchasing a Lumber Store will give you a full assortment of all sizes! Very handy to have on hand.

Keep all your stripwood neatly organized in this compact, rotating rack. 24 - 14" long tubes each have plenty of space for several pieces of stripwood.

This handy rotating lumber storage rack contains an assortment of smaller sizes of HO scale stripwood. 12pcs of each size listed below. Also included is a set of pre-printed self adhesive labels for each tube.

Save 25% on the Lumber Store Rotating Rack kit when you purchase it fully loaded with wood!

Occupying only a 12"x12" (300mm x 300mm) footprint on your workbench this is a great way to store all your stripwood in a small space and still keep it easily visible and accessible!

A fully loaded Lumber Store stands 23" (585mm) high. The empty rack is 21" (533mm) high.

12 - 16" long pieces of each of the following HO scale stripwood is included:

























A matching Lumber Store complete with HO scale lumber in sizes from 1X2 through 4X12 is available here.

The Lumber Store rotating rack is also available on it's own without wood, great for storing any long materials A set of blank labels is included. Click here for details.

Lumber Store Rotating Rack

Computer rendering of the Lumber Store, shown without tubes (included) in place.

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5 Stars
I purchased both HO scale Lumber Stores. I was increasingly frustrated with the time I spent searching for proper scale lumber form high price craftsman kits whose pictures of build outs showed bracing much stronger than their bracing diagrams. I was always running out of scale lumber and spending too much time ordering more scale lumber to complete the projects. I now am completely organized. Kit comes in, scale lumber dropped in tube. The tube already includes the 12 pieces that come with the Store.The Lumber store gives me a visual on when to reorder. Each Store came with the 12 pieces of scale lumber promised. Here's my only complaint. They sent one more tube and one more unit of 12 pieces than the holder can accommodate. Yep, I got more than I planned for. No more searching through completed kits for remnants! All previous remnants and orders in lumber boxes are in the appropriate tube. Hours wasted searching are not now needed. A great product; a great idea; and a great time saver. My work bench is now a joy to go to and those craftsman kit makers who don't seem to recognize their pictures don't tie to their diagrams need not worry. I buy your kits because they are a joy and worth it. I will no longer swear at you for shorting me. I will also admit that every time you paint the scale color on the wood, I cut that end off while building and am trying to match remnants to need. The Store corrects that problem. Thanks.
Reviewed by  - 9/26/2018
5 out of 5 customers found this review helpful
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5 Stars
This is a great item, easy to assemble and perfect for the scratch-builder. The right size material, at your fingertips at all times! Highly recommended!
Reviewed by  - 3/27/2019
2 out of 2 customers found this review helpful
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