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QuickSticks Laser Cut Ties For HO Scale, 60° Crossings - Drilled

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QuickSticks Laser Cut Ties For HO Scale, 60° Crossings - Drilled

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Specially designed for trackwork built with Fast Tracks assembly fixtures, QuickSticks laser cut ties lets you construct fully complete, ready-to-run HO crossings right at your workbench!

Using our track assembly fixtures you build what we call a "skeleton". This skeleton will have PC Board ties located at key locations to keep the piece of trackwork in gauge. To finish the trackwork, our Laser Cut QuickSticks are used. With a single step all the remaining wood ties are added to the pre-built skeleton and the trackwork is ready to be installed.

Now anyone can build inexpensive, hand laid trackwork that:

  • Looks Great! - With realistic looking trackwork on wood ties
  • Is Easy To Build - With results that rival even the most experienced modelers
  • Performs Perfectly - Build hundreds of crossings with one fixture
  • Can Be Built Quickly - Build a fully complete crossing in less than an hour!
  • Looks Great! - Get results that rival even the most experienced modelers
  • Lets You Work in Comfort - Build trackwork at your workbench

QuickSticks are cut from Baltic Birch plywood custom sawn in Finland specifically for Fast Tracks. Just like the protoype, the wood grain on our QuickSticks ties runs perpendicular to the rails. The ties are 0.08" (2mm), 7 scale inches thick and 0.1" (2.5mm) 9 scale inches wide. They will match all popular commercially available wood ties, including wood ties available from Fast Tracks. The ties will also match all popular commercial track, trackwork completed with QuickSticks will be compatibile with these products.

The QuickSticks on this page are the drilled version. We offer Quicksticks with either drilled or non-drilled wood ties. The version you choose is a matter of personal preference. The non-drilled version has trackwork fastened to it with Pliobond adhesive. Plionbond will provide a solid bond for a lifetime as its bond increases over time and is very reliable. Spiking onto our drilled QuickSticks will provide a mechanical bond that some modelers prefer, but requires a bit more time to install. Not all ties are pre-drilled, only ties at key locations to allow the turnout to be fastened in place.

Spiking to QuickSticks

Spiking trackwork to QuickSticks.

If you prefer, a non-drilled version is available that is designed to be glued to the rails using Pliobond glue.


Completing Turnouts Using Fast Tracks QuickSticks
Completing Turnouts Using Fast Tracks QuickSticks

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