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A message from Lionel

Posted by Lionel Strang on 9/14/2016

In classic Lionel Strang fashion, he sent us a great video with his thoughts about our campaign this month. All we have to say is, "We're glad to help..."


Date: 9/14/2016
Janet Norton
Hey Lionel, Hang in there! I know where you're coming from with "One More Year". Hope my story helps you a bit. I was diagnosed with kidney cancer in Jan 1990; at that time, they didn't have chemo or anything for it; if the surgery didn't get it. it was basically "get ready to pack it in in six months". Long story short, I'm still here 26-3/4 years later. Stay positive, enjoy each day, and live while you can. The way I look at it, every day you make it past the "expected" period is gravy. And we all know gravy is good. Take care!

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