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Revolving Tool Handle (Pin Vice)

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Revolving Tool Handle (Pin Vice)

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Drilling the small hole in the throwbar to connect a switch machine or ground throw to your finished trackwork is made easy with this palm sized hand drill. (Sometimes called a Pin Vice.) Each drill includes two collets that can hold drill bits from 0" to 3/32" in diameter

Small drill bits are fragile, so having precise control over the bit is a requirement to avoid breaking the drill bit. To use the tool, simply lock the drill bit into the collet, and gently twist the bit with the palm of your hand.

5 Stars
This is a good pin vice for the price. The collet is well machined and will hold #80 bits which many similar priced pin vices will not.
Reviewed by (Verified Buyer)  - 11/10/2016
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3 Stars
The large revolving ball handle makes this tool very comfortable and secure to use. The small collet held the #80 perfectly. Unfortunately The largest drill I was able to chuck was #76, and a #70 with difficulty. The smallest drill I was able to chuck securely in the large collet was a #43. It accepted a 7/64" drill. To chuck the in-between sized drills I dropped a 1/8" length of 1/8" diameter brass tube into the tool and then was able to use the collets from my old pin vice.
Reviewed by (Verified Buyer)  - 4/16/2018
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