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Trifecta 3 Point Track Gauge S Code 100

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Trifecta 3 Point Track Gauge S Code 100

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Use our Trifecta three point track gauges when handlaying trackwork for precise gauging. A three point track gauge is the most effective way to hold rail while building any type of trackwork.

Fast Tracks "Trifecta" three point track gauge is the hobby's first non-conductive metal track gauge!

  • Non-Conductive - Can be used with live track.
  • Transparent - Clear material allows the tracwork below the gauge to be seen.
  • Metal Gauges - The contact points to the rail are machined from brass for durability.
  • Flat Surface - A flat, level tool allows weights to be placed onto the gauge to hold rail steady while spiking.
  • Curved Gauge Points - The slots in the gauging lugs are arcs, allowing for minimal contact to the rail head, preventing binding.