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Pliobond Industrial Contact Cement

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Pliobond Industrial Contact Cement

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Pliobond Micro Dispensing Tube

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Pliobond® contact cement is ideally suited for fastening QuickSticks wood ties to Fast Tracks constructed trackwork and for building turnouts with Fast Tracks TwistTies.

Specifically designed for bonding steel, wood, rubber, leather, canvas, aluminum, fiberglass and glass, this adhesive actually gets stronger as it ages and is highly resistant to vibration and expansion/contraction.

Use just like contact cement; apply a thin coating to both surfaces, allow to dry (about 5 minutes) and then join the surfaces together to create a permanent flexible bond. To speed curing, the glue can be heated. (For example use a soldering iron to heat the rail that is glued to TwistTies.)

Each tube includes a complimentary micro dispensing tip that is ideally suited for applying the very thin beads of glue needed to glue rail to QuickSticks or TwistTies. You can order additional tips here.

Use lacquer thinner for cleanup. 1 fl. oz. tube.

Complete technical and usage information for Pliobond adhesive can be found here