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Throw-Bar Drill Set

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Throw-Bar Drill Set

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This high quality drill bit set is includes all of the sizes for drilling the hole in the PC Board throwbar for a switch machine. These drill bits are a bit more expensive, but they are not your ordinary, cheap drill bits. They are high quality Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated HSS fractional straight shank jobber length drills.

This drill bit set includes one of each of the following sizes:

  • 0.032" (1/32") - This size bit is used to drill a precise pilot hole, enabling you to accurately start the hole in the center of the throwbar before drilling the final hole. If you are using the stock throwbar wire size with a Tortoise switch machine, this size drill will produce the proper sized hole.
  • 0.040" (No. 60) - If a bit more torque is required to move the switchpoints, it is advisable to use .039" wire in a slow motion switch machine such as a Tortoise. This bit will produce the proper size hole for this wire.
  • 0.055" (No. 55) - If you are using Caboose Industries ground throws, this size bit will provide the proper hole size. Use this bit in conjunction with the smaller bit to precisely locate the hole in the throwbar.

Manufactured in North America by Chicago-Latrobe, these high quality drill bits offer a number of important advantages, including:

  • Titanium Nitride coated bits last up to six times longer than standard high speed steel drill bits
  • Extremely durable and ideally suited for drilling PC Board ties
  • Cutting edge stays sharper longer
  • Coating reduces friction
  • 135 degree split point
5 Stars
Just works fine. If authorized I could add a picture of 1/32" drill attached to a moto tool (Dremel).
Reviewed by (Verified Buyer)  - 12/28/2016
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