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Ultimation Slicer

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Ultimation Slicer

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Replacement Blades (10pcs)
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Fast Tracks is the exclusive distributor of innovative tools by Ultimation.

The latest tool from Al at Ultimation Tools, The Slicer!

Over a year in development, The Slicer is the ultimate tool for making precise square cuts in wood & thin plastic material. There are a few wood choppers and slicers available to model builders, but up until now, there has not been a robust, all-metal design that can stand up to years of use. Ultimation tools have sourced a special blade to ensure square cuts on wood up to 1/4" square. Equipped with an adjustable solid metal backstop to ensure precise repeatability. The Slicer is an excellent companion tool to the Ultimation Sander.

The Slicer features:

  • Replaceable self-healing cutting surface
  • Rotating fence for full range of precise angle cuts
  • Readily available; easy to change blades
  • Ergonomic design for effortless cutting 
  • Can be clamped or bolted down
  • Adjustable stop for repeat cuts

Using a fresh, sharp blade is critical to obtaining the best results when cutting wood, we recommend getting a few packs of extra blades. Standard utility knife blades will not work with this tool.

Replacement blades and Replacement cutting mats are available.

Order your Ultimation Slicer today! You WILL wonder how you ever got along without it...

Ultimation (n) ul-ti-ma-tion/ the state of being ultimate