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Control Rod Kit - 36" for BullFrogs

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Control Rod Kit - 36" for BullFrogs

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The control rod kit includes all of the parts that you need to connect one BullFrog turnout control to your control panel, including:

Connecting the control rod is a simple matter of installing the Z Bend connector into the BullFrog, inserting the outer control rod (red) into the BullFrog control rod mount (it is a press fit), and then screwing the inner control rod (yellow) into the Z Bend connector.

The control rod is mounted to the back of your control panel with a mounting clip. The knob is then screwed into the end of the yellow control rod. The knob comes unassembled, but can be put together in a few minutes with a bit of white glue.

5 Stars
A great way to activate the Bullfrog from a longer distance.
Reviewed by (Verified Buyer)  - 7/28/2017
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